FBIA releases updated Covid-19 decision tool for food facility employees

Tool based on up to date CDC guidance

August 17, 2021

The Food and Beverage Issue Alliance has released an updated version of its Covid-19 decision tool for symptom and testing status in food facility employees. This case recommendation chart, based on up-to-date CDC guidance, provides structured recommendations for what to do if an employee has been potentially exposed to the virus, shows Covid-19 symptoms, or tests positive under a range of circumstances. The tool also outlines baseline monitoring and screening practice recommendations for food facilities when no known cases are identified.

The new version of the decision tool reflects recent CDC guidance changes in light of greater vaccine availability and the emergence of more infectious variants of the Covid virus. The American Herbal Products Association Covid-19 Resources Web Center continues to maintain covid resources for the dietary supplement industry from a variety of government and industry sources.

Click here to access the updated decision tool.




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